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DAIHAN Scientific Group is a Laboratory Instrument and Medical Device comprehensive distribution, manufacturing, and total service company that realizes the corporate motto of “Customer-Oriented Total Service “, focusing on its own know-how and solid infrastructure accumulated for 40 years since its establishment in 1980.

DAIHAN is a “Global Hidden Champion” Company that develops and produces premium products with global competitiveness based on advanced control system technology, supplies them to leading domestic research institutes with high quality and reliability, and exports DAIHAN® brands to over 70 countries including Europe, North America, and Japan, etc.. In particular, the world’s first IoT-based Smart-Lab TM System and full-touch screen system are unique products of DAIHAN Scientific that the world is watching closely.

DAIHAN has the Largest General Supply System of 30,000 items in Korea through a global cooperation system with 270 domestic and foreign manufacturers specializing in Laboratory Instrument, Medical Devices, and MRO products. We provide excellent global comprehensive distribution services by organically establishing marketing infrastructure with 120 partners around the world, including ‘DAIHAN Family’ sales organization (Agencies and Branches) and “DAIHAN Vietnam” Vietnamese subsidiaries. Specially, supplying MRO products along with Laboratory Instrument and Medical Devices is an innovation in the General Supply Business that absorbs a wide range of customers. To do this, we have realized one-day delivery by operating a logistics center equipped with a large-scale automation system, and all products handled are listed in the DAIHAN General Catalog. All products can be conveniently searched for and purchased through the online shopping mall “”, and various additional services are provided, and can be used on mobile devices.

In addition, based on the One-Stop Service Network covering the whole country, we are working to improve the research and experiment environment of our customers by implementing “Total Lab Care Service” by expanding technical services such as Calibration, Lab Consulting, Lab Service, Rental, and Used Mall, etc.

From now on, to respond to support from all of our customers committed to scientific and technological research in the Bio, Environmental, Chemical, Material & Electrical fields and Medical Industries, DAIHAN will do our best to be “Your Neighborhood Friend,” a good friend who is always by your side to repay your support.


We provide various high-quality lab tools for the improvement in the quality of human lives, and contribution to the advancement of science and technology.

Innovated management

Ask ourselves whether we are doing the best what we can do. Lead innovation and changes and design a great future.

Value management

Through international management strategies and advanced technological approaches, maintain the growth of the company and acquire profitability.

Talent management

Our company’s activities are human based as it is humans who create the future. Create a culture of human respect based on ability, passion and optimistic attitudes.

Ethical management

As an open company to reflect social and ethical norms, provide clean management that can be trusted by all the interested parties.


Based on advanced technology, the company will create the best quality products and services to contribute to the development of human technology and become a global leader in research and experiment machine that gives dream and happiness to all employees.


Contributions of Human Science and Technolog
Development of Research and Experiment Equipment based on Advanced Technology and Supply Time
the realization of a welfare society
Share happiness with employees, shareholders, and local communities through continuous fruit creation


Based on the international standard quality system, the company provides the best quality products and services to customers in a timely manner through systematic and continuous quality innovation activities. To this end, all employees should do their best to comply with the following in their respective assignments.

  • Complies with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 system regulations
  • All employees are sales, service and quality staff
  • The overall quality goal is to meet customer needs and expectations.

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